Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Call To Help One Of Our Own

A wonderful friend and amazing Autism advocate needs our help.  Melanie Baldwin (BK) of The Thinking Moms' Revolution is fighting cancer AGAIN.  She fought breast cancer and it has now returned to her spine and liver.  Her son Luke is severely affected and she is his 24/7 caretaker.  She is his world, as he is hers.

Melanie is so many things.....strong, funny, caring, intelligent, faithful, devoted.....I can go on and on. She needs our help.  Please consider donating to their fundraising page to help them during their time of need.  No donation is too small.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

Click here for her fundraising page DONATE HERE

Send Mel, her husband Tim and sweet son Luke all the love, good Mojo, and healing energy you can muster up.

We rally together in times of need.  It's what Autism families do.

Thank you for your help.  WE LOVE YOU MELANIE!!!!!!  Kick this cancer in the booty like only you can xoxo

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